Commercial Pressure & Soft Washing

Pressure Washing & Soft Washing Solutions For Your Property!

Window Butler works with it’s sister company Softwash Butler to provide professional pressure washing and soft washing services. We clean siding, stucco, shingle & metal roofs, fences, wood, concrete, and more. Our soft washing techniques will kill and remove mildew, mold, moss, grime, and dirt; which helps keep the property cleaner longer. Window Butler uses eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals. For more information regarding these services you may read the detailed descriptions below or visit Softwash Butler’s website:

Our commercial pressure washing and soft washing services are broken up in three categories: Building Washing, Concrete & Interlock Cleaning, and Roof Washing.

Building Washing

Window Butler is fully equipped and trained to safely reach and clean the full exterior of your building top to bottom. This includes 1-story businesses to high-rise buildings; no job is too big or too small. Depending on the job, we use a combination of pressure washing, soft washing, or low pressure water poles.

Our low pressure soft wash system perfectly cleans vinyl siding, stucco, and wood without the risk of damages that pressure washers present. Our methods include killing the algae, mold, mildew growth as well as remove all the dirt and grime built up to keep the exterior of your property cleaner longer. It’s recommended to wash your building once every two years to help prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and algae.

Concrete & Interlock Cleaning

Window Butler provides pressure washing and soft washing options for cleaning concrete depending on the needs of our customers. We can significantly improve the appearance of your sidewalk, parking garage, and parking lot. We use top of the line flat surface washers in combination with high volume pressure washers. Concrete tends to get discoloured by acid rain, high temperatures, snow, salt, moisture, pooling water, and other factors. Benefits for concrete cleaning include longer life of the concrete and removing the slippery texture moss and mildew have when wet.

We provide soft washing solutions for cleaning paver stones, interlock driveways and walkways, and other delicate stones that cannot handle pressure washers. Our soft washing solution prevents the chance of pitting the surface as well as doesn’t blast out the grout.

We also provide specialty cleaning for garage sweeping & scrubbing and parking lot power sweeping.

Roof Washing

Roof cleaning is an increasingly popular service that helps condo owners, business owners, and property management save money on roof replacement by preventing and killing the bacterial, mold, moss growth on the roof that eats away at the shingles. The black streaks and spots on your roof isn’t dirt build up, but actually Gloeocapsa Magma; which is a species bacteria that thrives on shingles and rooftops. It eats away at the roof, causing the shingles to curl and lose excessive amounts of shingle sand. This bacteria also helps moss and fungus thrive on rooftops as well.

Our method for cleaning the roof is with our soft wash system that applies cleaning agents gently on the roof (less than garden hose pressure) to kill the growth and clean the roof back to an even shingle colour. Never with pressure washers, which would damage your rooftop. Our cleaning methods and chemicals are warranty approved by shingle manufacturers. Not only does cleaning your roof save you money on premature roof replacement; it also saves you money on cooling the building in the summer. The black streaks on the roof hold more heat than other parts which increases the temperature of the building; causing your air conditioner to work even harder on the hot summer days.