Commercial Window Cleaning

Window Butler provides professional window cleaning services to property managers, condo groups, business owners, and Government properties.

Our employees are uniformed, drive highly visible company vehicles, and go through the personnel screening process to get clearances to work at highly secure & government jobsites. We provide services to low-rise and high-rise clients, and own many of our own equipment including manlifts and high rise equipment. Owning this equipment helps Window Butler have a competitive pricing edge. We also provide post construction window cleaning services.

Soaps and chemicals used by Window Butler are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Windows are cleaned either by using our high quality mop and squeegee method; or by using the most advanced water-fed pole and 4 stage water filtration system in the industry. Both methods provide perfectly clean windows and frames; ultimately the decision between using the two methods will depend on the specific job site.

Screen Cleaning Services

Screen cleaning is often forgotten by clients or not requested, but sometimes require more attention than the windows. When a window is cleaned but the screen isn’t, the dirty screen instantly makes the window dusty again and now blocks the clear view you just had. Cleaning the screens remove all the dust and allergens making the air around you easier to breathe. Cleaning the screen doesn’t only improve the overall look of the window; it also preserves the strength of the screen reducing the chance of it become fragile and breaking.

When screen cleaning we remove the screen and brush the whole screen on both sides with soap and water; then clean and dry the frame and mesh with a microfiber cloth. Afterwards we put them back on the window they came from.