Residential Window Cleaning

Window Butler’s 4-Step Residential Window Cleaning Process

Step 1 We use a soapy mop to wet and scrub the window frame and glass to release grime, debris, grease, etc.

Step 2 We scrape off any tape, stickers, paint, and stubborn debris with a specially designed window scraper that cannot damage or scratch the glass. Many window cleaning companies skip this step and do not remove stubborn debris. This is the Window Butler advantage.

Step 3 The window is squeegeed with high quality rubber that removes 99.9% of the debris and water from the pores of the glass. Leaving perfectly clean and clear glass.

Step 4 Window frames, sills, tracks, and the glass edges are all wiped clean and dried, leaving your windows and frames looking brand new.

When a residential customer get exterior and interior windows cleaned, we include the screen cleaning for free as part of the package.

Window Butler cleans thousands of residential homes a year and with all these happy customers we’ve perfected our window cleaning techniques. We use only the highest quality mops and squeegees, as well as the most advanced water-fed pole with a 4 stage filtration system to provide perfectly clean windows with no streaks or water spots. Soaps and chemicals used by Window Butler are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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