Residential Gutter Cleaning

Residential gutter and downspouts should be cleaned out a minimum of twice a year.

Window Butler Professional Property Maintenance Commercial Residential Services Gutter CleaningYour gutters should be cleaned in the spring after all the snow and ice has melted and in the fall after all the leaves on your property have fallen. Neglecting or forgetting to clean out your gutters and downspouts can result in several damaging and costly effects on your home.

Window Butler uses two methods of cleaning the gutters of your home. The first method is using our industry leading and most powerful gutter cleaning vacuum on the market. The second method is by using our ladders and cleaning out all the gutters and downspouts by hand. Both options leave your gutters and downspouts perfectly clear and flowing properly.

Method 1 – Gutter Cleaning Vacuum

  • This is our preferred way of cleaning out your gutters, not only does it suck up everything out of your gutters, it’s also the safest way of cleaning your gutters.
  • Our gutter cleaning vacuums are the most advanced and powerful vacuums on the market. Most of our competitors only use a regular shop vac, which isn’t powerful enough to suck out everything at heights higher than 10 feet. Our vacuums are designed only for gutter cleaning and powerful enough to clean gutters up to 45 feet.
  • Our gutter vacuum poles have a built in live camera at the top and a monitor at the bottom allowing us to watch the progress of the work safely from the ground, while making sure nothing is missed. Our competitors usually don’t have this built in feature and just assume that they have gotten everything out of the gutters.
  • Once everything is cleaned out we remove all the debris in our vacuum into biodegradable bags and remove them off of your property.
  • We flush out all of the gutters and downspouts with water afterwards and if we notice any clogs we will address those immediately and clear them out.

Method 2 – Gutter Cleaning By Hand

  • Sometimes our gutter cleaning vacuum cannot reach everything due to an unmoveable object in the way, or other reasons. This is when we use the up close and personal method of cleaning out the gutters by hand using a ladder.
  • When using the ladders we use rubber bumpers at the top to prevent damages to the home and gutters.
  • When working by hand we bring up a bucket and place all the debris in the gutter into it, we don’t throw the debris onto the ground like some of the other guys.
  • When our buckets are full we dump all of it into biodegradable bags and remove them off of your property.
  • We flush out all of the gutters and downspouts with water afterwards and if we notice any clogs we will address those immediately and clear them out.

Benefits and Reasons for using Window Butler Gutter Cleaning Services

  1. Prevents basement flooding – When your gutters are clogged they will overflow, and will flow inside your soffit, down the side of your home and into the lowest point of your home, which is the basement.
  2. Prevents ice damming – When getting your gutters cleaned out in the fall or just before the winter this clears up all the room for snow and ice to build up and melt. If the gutters are clogged the snow and ice will build on top of that and will eventually start building up ice on your roof. This can cause damage to your shingles, the wood under the shingles, as well as damage the gutters by loosening the nails holding it in place.
  3. Prevents insect breeding – Mosquitos, flies, termites, wasps, and many other insects and bacteria love a gutter filled with debris and free standing water. Cleaning your gutters will help reduce the amount of these insects in and around your home.
  4. Prevents cracked foundations – If your gutter is clogged and overflowing, the water will run along the side of your home and will reach the foundation. During colder temperatures the overflowing water pooling around your foundation will start to freeze which can cause severe cracks in your foundation.
  5. Prevents rotten wood – Having standing water always in your gutter doesn’t allow the wood in your fascia to completely dry out. Over time this will weaken the wood around the gutters causing them to become rotten and even moldy.

Cleaning your gutters reduces the weight and stress on the gutter and downspouts which will help them last the life of your home. Gutter cleaning can be dangerous if you’re not using the proper equipment, contact Window Butler to have your gutters cleaned safely and efficiently by trained professionals.

Gutter Polishing

Window Butler also offers exterior gutter and downspout polishing. We use eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals to remove the stains on the outside of your gutters. This makes them look brand new and highly improves the curb appeal of your home. Getting the stains removed can also help with the resale value of the home if it’s on the market. For more details on our stain removal process, take a look at our pressure washing services.

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